Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - aka Dodge Dart

Some of you may know that the Dodge is re-releasing the Dart later this year to fill the compact car opening in its vehicle line up.  Though the body will be Dodge its bones will be Fiat; more specifically the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.  Since I am not the die-hard buy American type I am actually pretty excited that Chrysler is using this chassis since the car may retain some of the Alfa’s character.  Even though Alfa Romeos are notoriously unreliable the Top Gear guys still love these cars.  Which means I will definitely take the opportunity to drive one when I get a chance.  I do like the body styling of the new Dart, and I hope its fun to drive.  According to a friend of mine who is a vehicle dynamics engineer with Chrysler said the engineers working on the Dart are trying to preserve the Alfa driving experience.  I hope they do.

I can’t say there are many benefits to living in South East Michigan – like crumbling roads and loose rocks that crack windshields, but I do get to see a lot of the new cars in their razzle-dazzle or flat black paint schemes like this Alfa Romeo Giulietta mule I saw a couple days ago.  I can only speculate what Chrysler’s intentions are with this car; testing for the Dart, Fiat may release the Giulietta in the US, or they may use the platform for a number of other cars.  I heard a newer smaller Jeep model might use this chassis

Alfa Romeo Giulietta test mule painted flat black.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta test mule painted flat black.

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