Sunday, August 26, 2012

World Record Attempt - Longest Parade of Subarus

This up coming September 16th friends and family of Matthew Nobel Marker, who died will racing in the Olympus Rally in 2011, are attempting to break the world record for the longest parade of Subarus in Matthew Marker's honor.  The event, which would have corresponded to Matthew's 33rd birthday, is being held in his home town for Elk Rapids Michigan.  The event organizers are still hoping to get more people registered for this event so if you have an Subaru, or can borrow one, and want to head up to Elk Rapids for the weekend I would strongly suggest you sign up and be a part of this great event.

The rally community is very small so Matthew's passing really touched everyone but we can all take consolation in that he died doing what he loved.  So this event is to honor and celebrate his life. 

If you are interested in signing up please see this link below for additional details and the registration form:


More information about Matthew Nobel Marker HERE.

Subaroots Facebook Page

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